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Welcome back to Regency Dental

Opening for limited treatments on June 1s

Dear Patients,

Thank you for your patience and support during this pandemic.

It is with great relief that as from Monday June 1st 2020 we will be opening our doors once again to see those of you with dental emergencies.

Using guidance and a thorough risk assessment from the British Dental Association and following the Standard Operating Procedures laid down by Public Health England we are certain we can provide a safe, caring, responsible and professional service to our patients again.

We are delighted to be able to go back to what we do best and that is to treat our patients and deliver the 1st class dental care you and your families deserve.

This crisis has shown us what great support we have from you all and how we have missed you, our patients.

At Regency Dental the safety of our staff and patients is of paramount importance to us, to that end there will be some significant changes in how we deliver your care in order to protect you, our Team and the wider community.

We have always had the most stringent cross infection control measures in place however, we now find that we can do even more to ensure you and our team and families are protected during the COVID -19 outbreak.


You will have read the COVID – 19 guidelines and protocols, and this is to give you some idea of what your next appointment will be like.

As stated in the guidelines and protocols you will contact the reception team on arrival by phone and you will be invited into the practice when safe to do so. (wearing a face mask/cover if possible)

Your temperature will then be taken, recorded and then if everything is deemed low risk you will be asked to gel your hands.

The reception team will help take a detailed medical history, ask questions about your health and any possible contact with COVID -19 before completing a medical declaration form with you.

Once the surgery is ready you will be taken to the by one of our reception team. The clinical staff (Huw and Kelly) will already be in the surgery. Please don’t be alarmed if they look like spacemen as they will be wearing significant additional PPE, ( personal protective equipment) such as FFP3 respirators or face masks, visors, caps and they will be wearing a gown/apron over their normal clinical scrubs.

The FFP3 masks and face coverings do make communication more difficult at times, especially for those of you hard of hearing, so please bear with us!

We have also invested in air purifiers for the surgeries as an added protection for you and our staff.

These are the guidelines we have in place to be able to see our patients. We are regulated by our governing bodies, the General Dental Council, Care Quality Commission, and also NHS England, who have set out procedures for us to follow. We expect these to be updated regularly as the virus becomes less virulent and an immunisation process is implemented.

Initially we will just be providing emergency dentistry such as temporary fillings, extractions if needed and treating any other urgent oral condition.

If this phase is successful we will soon be able to start seeing patients for examinations and check-ups again and eventually the more complex dentistry that we have always prided ourselves on providing.

You will find that we will use a technique called a “rubber dam” for fillings and crowns as this significantly helps to reduce any possible viral spread via aerosols in the air. You can look at this procedure on YouTube to see what is involved if you are interested. Some of you will have already experienced this after having root canal therapy with us.

We are all very excited and relieved about getting back to treating you again!

Thank you for all your support during this unprecedented period and we look forward to once again being able to provide you with the best care , safely!!!

Huw, Vicki and the team @ Regency Dental

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