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Routine Dental Examinations, Oral Screening & Oral Health Advice

During your visit we will examine your mouth gums and soft tissues: such as your lips, cheeks and tongue for any abnormalities. We will also check your teeth, for any signs of disease such as decay and damage from other factors such as acid erosion or wear from grinding. We will also check any existing restorations you may have such as fillings or crowns bridges or dental implants and any removable prosthesis – dentures, for wear or damage. We will also examine the teeth’s supporting structures – the gums, for disease.  If necessary and appropriate we will take X-rays of your teeth during this visit which will help us detect hidden problems so they can be dealt with early. We may also take photos of your teeth which will help us


Dental radiographs are taken as a screening process when required to ensure nothing is left undetected by a routine dental examination. from dental radiographs, the dentist is able to detect dental disease, dental decay and bone loss through gum disease. Dental Xrays are also taken during some complex treatments such as crowns, bridges, root fillings and implants.

Hygienist Treatments

Hygienist visits are an essential part of preventing as well a treating dental disease. Dental Hygienists are able to assist you in achieving the best possible health for your mouth by advising you of the best way to care for your mouth through cleaning techniques as well as carrying out treatment. Hygienist treatment available: scaling and polishing, oral hygiene instruction and advice, treatment for periodontal disease, implant care and maintenance. We accept direct access patients for hygienist appointments so you do not need to be a patient to see one of our hygienists. Vicki is also able to offer dental whitening on referral from one of our dentists.

Fillings Regency Dental Practice Swanage Dorset
Fillings, Composite, Amalgam and other materials

If a tooth has a cavity, it is necessary to treat by having a filling placed into this area. There are several materials that can be used depending on the type of cavity, whether is decayed or not, how big or deep the cavity is, which tooth and which surface.


This is a tooth coloured resin based material, which provides aesthetic looking fillings, blending in with your natural tooth colour. Composite fillings come in numerous shades to allow your dentist to ensure the best shade match. This material is perfect for both anterior ( front teeth) and also posterior teeth ( back teeth) if suitable. This material is very strong and durable as it bonds directly to the tooth surface.


This is a metal filling material that has been used for many years in dentistry. the material is very strong and it is most commonly used for very deep fillings in back teeth where composite fillings are not appropriate.

Root Canal Regency Dental Practice Swanage Dorset
Root Canal

Each tooth contains a complex system of nerves and blood vessels, surrounded by dentine and enamel. Sometimes these nerves can die, resulting in bacteria entering the nerve chamber.

The infected tissue must be delicately removed, using a series of small instruments. Once the infected nerve tissue has been removed and the chamber cleaned, this is then filled with a rubber based material called gutta percha. This is the root canal filling. The tooth then has a filling to complete the treatment or a crown if required to ensure it is strong and protected.

The treatment is usually carried out over 2 or 3 appointments if a crown is advised.

Crowns Regency Dental Practice Swanage Dorset

If a tooth has broken down to the point that a conventional filling will not offer the protection and function required a crown is the next possible step to provide longevity of the tooth. Occasionally a tooth may require a crown following root canal treatment as this can leave the tooth slightly more fragile and susceptible to fractures.


The tooth is prepared(reduced in size slightly) and impressions taken which are sent to a dental laboratory. The laboratory construct a crown to fit over the prepared tooth, and this is secured using a dental cement.

The tooth colour can be made using porcelain or ceramic to match the shade of your natural teeth, which looks aesthetically pleasing, or Zirconia or gold. Once fitted the crown the tooth becomes stronger functional.



Extractions Regency Dental Practice Swanage Dorset

Teeth that require extraction have normally become damaged, severely decayed or have periodontal disease, and the dentist is unable to successfully treat the tooth in question. The area will be numbed by the dentist using a local anaesthetic, prior to the tooth being taken out. The procedure is pain-free as the area is numb, and post extraction instructions will be given to you at the appointment to ensure the area heals quickly.

Nervous Patients Regency Dental Practice Swanage Dorset
Sedation available for anxious and phobic patients

We are able to offer sedation for our anxious and phobic patients with Dr Huw James. Sedation allows the severely anxious patient to feel relaxed and be able to have treatment carried out that they otherwise would not feel able to cope with. Should you wish to have sedation for any treatment this can be discussed and explained in depth at your initial consultation.

Emergency Dentist Appointment Regency Dental Practice Swanage Dorset
Emergency Appointments

Emergency appointment are available for our registered patients. * We are also usually able to accommodate same day appointments for non registered patients ( during clinic hours) if contacted by 09.30. Please call 01929 422515 for an emergency appointment *Out of hours call out will be charged at £200*

Fissure Sealants Regency Dental Practice Swanage Dorset
Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are a small preventative restoration which can be carried out on teeth at risk of decay. Our posterior teeth ( molars) have deep grooves ( fissures) which can make them susceptible to decaying.


A flowable liquid tooth coloured material is placed into the fissures on the upper and lower molars to protect against the possibility of tooth decay in this area. With a well-controlled diet and good oral hygiene, this reduces the risk of needing a filling in the future.

Dentures Regency Dental Practice Swanage Dorset

Dentures are a removable prosthesis which can replace missing teeth. The structure of the denture can be made from different materials, usually acrylic or chrome cobalt, and porcelain teeth. The process of making a denture usually takes 4 or 5 appointments, with each appointment being 1 week apart to allow work at the dental laboratory to be carried out.

Once fitted you will be given advice by the dentist on how to care for your denture and the cleaning of it.

Mouth Guards

Mouthguards can be recommended for a number of reasons. The most common being to protect the teeth during sporting activities. Mouthguards, however, can be used to prevent clenching and grinding of the teeth which can cause damage to the tooth tissue (enamel).

An impression of your teeth will be taken and sent to a laboratory to construct the mouthguard. We can accommodate the majority of team colours, and different designs are available also, making them individual to each patient.

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