Teeth discolour for many reasons through ageing, some foods and drink, smoking, trauma and also some medication.


As dental professionals, we are able to safely carry out dental whitening to achieve a brighter whiter smile for you safely.


At Regency, we are now delighted to be able to offer Enlighten Evolution Whitening as well as Philips Zoom. Enlighten offer a Vita B1 shade guarantee.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening System Regency

Enlighten Whitening can be described as a premier whitening system. The system provides you with long-lasting whitening results with low sensitivity.

At your initial appointment, dental impressions are taken and sent to the Enlighten laboratory for your personalised whitening trays to be made. Clinical photographs are taken and the shade of your teeth recorded.

Your whitening trays will take 2 weeks to be made and during this time if you are undergoing the Enlighten Evolution Whitening system, you will receive a dental serum to brush with for the 2 weeks.


When you collect your trays a desensitising treatment is also applied to your teeth to reduce the chance of sensitivity whilst using the the Enlighten whitening treatment.

On collecting your trays, you will wear the trays for a period of 2 weeks using Enlighten Whitening gels, followed by a visit to the practice where a further gel is applied to your trays to complete the treatment.

After this appointment, your teeth should have reached the guaranteed Vita B1 shade.

Teeth Whitening Regency Dental Practice
Teeth Whitening Regency Dental Practice
Enlighten Whitening case  BY VICKI COLEMAN 
Cosmetic smile makeover BY DR HUW JAMES
Phillips Professional Teeth Whitening Re

It is possible to experience some sensitivity during the process of dental whitening however, we are able to offer advice and products to minimalise any issues you may experience with this.

All our dentists are able to provide Philips Zoom dental whitening and Vicki who is a gold member of the British Dental Bleaching Society can also offer the Enlighten Whitening Systems.

Philips Zoom whitening system involves dental impressions being taken and we are able to make your whitening trays at the practice. This will enable you to quickly start your whitening treatment once you have decided to proceed. Using the Philips Zoom whitening gels in your trays for a period of 2 - 3 weeks will enable you to achieve a whiter  and brighter shade to your teeth.



Just had my teeth whitened, best thing ever. Thank you so much Vicki Coleman, best hygienist ever!!


TM (Google Review)

I was always very self conscious about my brown discoloured tooth, but didn't think anything could be done about it.


The treatment was very simple for me to carry out and the staff were amazing; I am so happy with the result. 

The teeth still look a natural colour and the white patches on my other teeth have evened out as well. 

I feel so much more confident and would highly reccomend dental whitening at Regency Dental Practice.