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We firmly believe in the principle that prevention is better than cure. We provide the best advice to prevent problems developing in the first place. Our hygiene service is the cornerstone of our preventive programme as gum disease causes bad breath, bleeding, pain and in the long term – tooth loss. This is why good oral hygiene is the most effective way to help maintain a healthy mouth.  


At your appointment, your hygienist will assist you in ensuring you can achieve the best possible dental health, through both treatment and education. Your hygienist will discuss any problems you may have with gum disease, tooth decay or any other problems with your mouth.

Dental hygienists are highly trained and are able to advise the best and most effective ways of achieving and maintaining a healthy mouth through good plaque control and treatment. Hygienists also assist with advice for patients who have an increase in tooth decay, and those suffering a dry mouth or other dental issues as appropriate.


Hygienist treatment, scaling and polishing or periodontal treatment, varies depending on the health of the gums and treatment that is required, however, the main objective of hygienist appointments is to ensure that patients oral health improves with treatment and effective cleaning at home.


What Is Plaque?

  • Plaque Is a biofilm or mass of bacteria that grows on surfaces within the mouth. It appears as a white/pale yellow "slime layer", that is commonly found between the teeth and along the cervical margins.  

  • Cervical margins is the surface of the tooth in the area where the tooth meets the gum.

  • Calculus or tartar Is a form of hardened dental plaque

  • Gingivitis Is inflammation of the gum tissue. Gingivitis is reversible with good oral hygiene. Gingivitis can progress to periodontitis, where the inflammation results in tissue destruction and alveolar bone resorption, which can ultimately lead to tooth loss.

  • Alveolar bone Is the bone that supports the teeth.

  • Dental caries Also known as tooth decay, cavities, or caries, is a breakdown of teeth due to activities of bacteria. Simple sugars in food are these bacteria's primary energy source and thus a diet high in simple sugar is a risk factor.

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