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Our vision at Regency Dental is to create a Dental Practice that reflects quality and a caring, empathetic attitude towards our patients, and have a practice environment that reflects this.


We will treat our patients as individuals with respect and dignity. We will provide you with quality, preventative high- end dentistry in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

We challenge ourselves as your team of Dental Professionals to provide a first class service including preventative dentistry, alongside implants, orthodontic treatment and cosmetic dentistry, from a knowledgeable caring and considerate team.

Regency Dental Practice Mission Statement

Here at Regency Dental we put you, the patient, at the centre of our care. We are not driven by targets for the amount of dentistry we provide or have external shareholders or investors we have to provide a return. We are free to invest in your care, your practice and most importantly, your dental health.


We strive to provide patients with a complete dental care service, alongside more advanced treatments such as dental implants, orthodontics and facial aesthetic treatments.


We believe in providing the dentistry you need, what is best for you, your teeth and your oral health.


Unlike many other practices which are not owned by corporate bodies or private equity companies, we are a wholly owned private practice which can centre and invest in patient care.


This frees us to provide the dentistry you need, rather than what a company dictates you should have. Hopefully you will have noticed how we are investing and renovating your practice to improve the facilities for your care. The investment also goes into further staff and clinical training.

Our philosophy is one of minimal intervention dentistry treatment of dental disease alongside advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry.  In short the less drilling and filling we do the better for your teeth in the longer term. If you have underlying dental disease, or a condition be it periodontal ( gum) disease, caries (decay), tooth wear, crowding, missing teeth, loose or unstable dentures or if you are unhappy with the function of your teeth.... We can help.


We will endeavour to provide a complete continuity of care for you and your family.  By seeing the same professional each visit we can build a rapport with our patients, get to understand your needs and wants, and deal with your concerns and apprehensions. Most importantly we can build up a picture of your dental requirements and wishes to provide you with the best treatment and solution to your needs.

We will at your examinations carefully and thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and mouth, check for oral cancer and other health conditions that can often manifest in the mouth, and if necessary take radiographs (x-rays) to check under the fillings, teeth and gums to spot potential underlying problems.


If we find any dental disease, be it caries, ( tooth decay), periodontal disease ( gum disease), or tooth wear we will treat it in the most effective efficient way to stand the best chance of saving and preserving your teeth and dental health.

Dental caries and periodontal disease can often go un-noticed until the symptoms are so problematic or severe that often the worse damage has been done. Radiographs help us to identify and detect early signs of decay that can be treated early.

Decay is a deterioration process like rust on metal, or rot on wood that alas does not get better, by itself. It then has to be removed and treated. By leaving decay no matter how small will leave it to spread sometimes quite quickly damaging and weakening the tooth.

Modern fillings can be used to bond to the tooth and in many ways improves both the appearance and function of the tooth.

Periodontal disease is caused by your bodys reaction to plaque bacteria that live in your mouth. Again, it can go un-noticed but any bleeding of the gums or bad breath/taste in the mouth can indicate their is a underlying problem.

Whilst our excellent team of hygienists will help treat the condition, it is what you do very morning and every night that will dictate how well you keep the disease under control alongside the therapy provided by our clinicians.

Anecdotally we seem to take more teeth out these days through gum disease rather than decay and for many years it was the Cinderella of dentistry going unnoticed and untreated. Now we are becoming more aware of the consequences of gum disease and with us all living longer dental hygiene is becoming an essential part of general dentistry.

Tooth wear is also an increasing problem within the population and is caused by the loss of the tooth enamel and dentine by over vigorous brushing, grinding and clenching of teeth. Acid from your diet, citrus fruits, fizzy drinks can also effect the tooth surface, also stomach acid in some medical conditions and eating disorders.

Tooth wear can cause sensitivity and weakening of the teeth but with modern bonding techniques we can rebuild even the most worn tooth with minimally invasive dentistry, often not involving any need for local anaesthetic or drilling.

For many of us born before the mid 60's we have a mouth full of old amalgam fillings and crowns. These will deteriorate over time and possibly need replacing. However, fillings can often deteriorate or wear very slowly and by building up knowledge and experience of our patients we can monitor this wear and decide when its appropriate to replace the filling. This will be when it is clinically necessary rather than filling it "just in case" or filling it to meet a company target. However, if the tooth needs restoring we will use our best skills and best available materials and techniques to restore that tooth to function and appearance.

As a private practice we are not limited to the type of materials we can provide for our patients. We use only the best quality, clinically proven and effective materials or restoring your teeth and are constantly researching the market to bring you the best available materials and equipment in the world.

As Huw is a member of the PREP panel, a team of dentists overseen by Professor Trevor Burke of the University of Birmingham Dental School who evaluate and test materials bought to us by some of the leading manufacturers of the dental world such as, 3M and Dentsply. As such we get to use and provide cutting edge materials before the rest of the UK. So, you can rest assured that your clinical team are constantly evaluating the field of dentistry to bring you the best methods and techniques for restoring your smile.

All of our clinical team are constantly updating their knowledge and experience in their chosen areas of interest, along with learning new techniques, and use of materials to benefit our patients.

The clinical team regularly attend both national and international courses and conferences to bring you the best treatments in dentistry from the UK and from across the world.

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